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19 mayo 2010

Plugin MyBootLogo

****** ENGLISH *****
- First of all you have to have custom firmware - [ tested on CF 5.00 M33-6 ]

The gameboot is the short video that appears to enter a game (original bubbles)

That video can be changed with the help of a Mybootlogo plugin (download from the shortcut)
NO brick without risk of touching the flash so it is 100% secure

1. Download Mybootlogo
2. The folder "seplugins" Copy that at the root of the PSP "ms0: / PSP .. here goes .."
3. Turn off your psp
4. Turn on the psp with the buton "R" PULSE
5. Go to the category "plugins"
6. Activate the plugin myBootLogo "
7. Copy a "gamebot.pmf" in "ms0: / PSP / THEME.. here .."
8. Start game and see the new gameboot

NOTE: If you want to see more gameboots made by me are in

***** SPANISH ******

-- Antes de nada tienes que tener custom firmware -- [ Probado en CF 5.00 M33-6 ]

El gameboot es el video corto que aparece al entrar en un juego (original burbujas)

Ese video se puede cambiar con la ayuda de un plugin Mybootlogo (descargar desde el acceso directo)
SIN riezgo de brick NO toca la flash por lo que es 100% seguro

1. Descargar Mybootlogo
2. La carpeta "seplugins" copiadla en la raiz de la PSP "ms0:/PSP ..aqui va.."
3. Apaga la psp
4. Enciende la psp con el buton "R" PULSADO
5. Ve a la categoria "plugins"
6. Activar al plugin "myBootLogo"
7. Copiar un "gamebot.pmf" en "ms0:/PSP/THEME..aqui.."
8. Empieza Juego y veras el nuevo gameboot

* If you need a gameboot to test. here you have one
* Si necesita un gameboot para probar, aquí tienes uno

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